We’ve moved a lot of different things for a whole variety of industries, and we’re proud to have worked with some great people worldwide.

“Our challenge was finding a supplier of dollies allowing for minor customisations in Europe, which is why we chose to purchase Viking equipment. They were able to customise the platen size to suit our needs, which we were very pleased about.

 I would describe Viking as very customer focused, supportive and responsive to their customers needs.”

Bob Rice, Vice President of Engineering at EcoServices

“Having had experience of working with Viking over many years with equipment at Stansted, Cologne and Liege, when the opportunity arose to develop the BAE Systems (Corporate Air Travel) Limited cargo operations, Viking were immediately on our list of suppliers.

From an initial outline of the facility, Viking responded with excellent design solutions and the equipment was delivered and installed on time and of excellent quality.

Subsequently we have been required to develop some bespoke large aircraft cargo handling equipment. Tight timescales for delivery were achieved despite some changes to specifications and a need for additional units, evidencing Viking’s commitment to customer service.”

Brian Ayling, Head of Corporate Air Travel, Shared Services at BAE Systems

“When looking for a manufacturer for our equipment we needed someone to take our rough concept, draw it professionally and manufacture to a high standard, which is just what Viking did. Working with the team was very easy, and I’d describe them as a versatile family business that deliver high quality equipment on time.”

Nathan Proctor, Director of Proctor Process Plant

“When asked to supply or recommend an industrial trailer manufacturer, Viking is the name that comes to mind. Any special requirements or trailers they have supplied have proven more than worthy of the job. Their engineering and design response is excellent, plus the communication and ongoing relationship is always helpful. And most importantly, the equipment is durable and reliable.”

Ian Law, Customer Service Manager at Douglas Gillespie Plant

“For our offshore windfarm Viking designed and manufactured some robust flat deck trailers. They are used daily to move large quantities of parts and equipment between our warehouse and pontoon, often in harsh conditions and steep gradients. Whilst working with them, we found their technical and sales services to be really responsive and they were quick to assist when we later requested further upgrades and parts.”

Engineering Manager, Gwynt y Môr offshore wind farm