We are designers and manufacturers of pioneering movement and handling solutions.

We are designers and manufacturers of pioneering movement and handling solutions.

Working with our customers to understand their specific challenges, we create ideal, innovative and specialised solutions which are affordable at all levels. That’s because we believe clever solutions should be accessible to all.

Today, it’s all too easy to purchase a piece of standard movement or handling equipment which meets the low cost criteria. However, you’ll find it doesn’t function quite like ours.

Precision engineered and built to last, Viking equipment will keep on working as hard as the day you bought it, and with our servicing and maintenance, you can guarantee that your equipment will continue to do just that. When it comes to specialised movement solutions, Viking is the name people turn to for quality that they can trust.

From the very beginning we’ve always been producing the highest quality equipment for our customers.

We only use the highest quality components and materials to manufacture our equipment, and our process is the best in the business.

We’re invested in our customers.

Our success is based on strong relationships with customers, the latest technology and the best team.

We’re always pushing the boundaries of manufacturing excellence and, as a
private company we’re keen to invest all profits back into the company to ensure
the equipment you purchase is always one step ahead. And we’re proud to say the people we’ve worked with agree.

We understand manufacture, but we also understand the importance of people.

Our team is the DNA of Viking. We have a diverse and multi-disciplined team of individuals with a vast sea of knowledge, creativity and expertise, meaning we can really push the boundaries for our customers to produce the best solutions for them. Not only that, but we’re also a great bunch of people to work with.






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